• let the light works
    Light is project

  • Lighting
    becomes architecture

  • light generates

Penta Architectural

It is now a number of years that we’ve been enthusiastic about lighting and innovation, and we’ve decided to share our know-how in deploying the most advanced technologies in the management of light with architects, designers, installers and all those that are developing ideas in the lighting design sector. We are experts in designing and are able to interpret spaces with flexibility, creating personalised lighting solutions.

We are a flourishing and dynamic reality, specialised in the manufacturing of LED lighting systems. We have chosen to work with that unique, extraordinary “instrument” that is light, to best study it in order to increase its potential features. We represent therefore that substantiality without which there is no light. We have a solid vision and a company culture that includes the designing and development of state-of-the-art services, in an innovative industrial productive system characterised by total quality. It is in that bond we have with our land that Penta Architectural sinks its roots.